GOYOOPTICAL.com Corporate Logo Goyo Optical Inc,established in 1976, produces a wide variety of lenses used in Machine Vision and CCTV Surveillance.Lenses include Megapixel,Day and Night,1inch format,line scan with f-Mount,F0.95,3CCD camera,UV,Telecentric,TV Macro,Micro Head,Scanner and Projection Zoom.

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26th Oct 2014 Release 12megapixel Lenses; GM12HR62520MCN, GM12HR63520MCN, GM12HR65020MCN, GM12HR45018MCN, GM12HR47520MCN, GM12HR38016MCN, GM12HR31216MCN, GM12HR31616MCN, GM12HR32514MCN, and GM12HR33514MCN
15th Oct 2014 Release 12megapixel Lenses; GM12HR39014MCN-1, GM12HR312514MCN-1, and GM12HR31814MCN-1
11th Jul 2014 Release SWIR Lenses; GMA5HR38028MCN-SWIR, GMA5HR31218MCN-SWIR, GM5HR31614MCN-SWIR, GM5HR32514MCN-SWIR, and GM5HR33514MCN-SWIR
1st Aug 2013 Release Industrial High resolution 5megapixel Lenses;GMR5HR181214MCN, GMR5HR31614MCN, GMR5HR32514MCN, GMR5HR33516MCN, and GMR5HR35028MCN
10th Apr 2013 Release CCTV Megapixel Motorized Zoom Lenses GAZMPDN2465M
09th Apr 2013 Release Industrial Manual Lenses GM23516MCN
09th Apr 2013 Release Industrial NF-Mount Lenses GM12718NF, GM14518NF and GM19018NF
25th Mar 2013 Release CCTV Megapixel Motorized Zoom Lenses GAZMPDN1616019M3P3
14th Mar 2013 Release CCTV Megapixel Motorized Zoom Lenses GAZMP280136
25th Feb 2013 Release Industrial Lenses 1inch format Lenses, GMG42514C
16th Oct 2012 Release 1/2.7" Megapixel Day&Night Lense GA3MPDN27850BS4
11th Oct 2012 Release CCTV Megapixel Motorized Zoom Lenses GAZMPDN210350
09th Feb 2012 Release CCTV 1/3" Megapixel Day&Night Lens GA3MPDN128120BS4
11th Jan 2012 Release CCTV IR(Day & Night) Type Motorized Zoom Lenses GAZDN125750
12th Dec 2011 Release CCTV Auto Iris Lenses GAT26012AC and GAT21212AC
24th Nov 2011 Release UV Quartz Lenses GMUV55035C
01th Nov 2011 Release Megapixel Motorized Zoom Lenses GAZMPDN31177M3P3, and 1/2" Megapixel Day&Night Lenses GAMPDN210120BC4
26th Oct 2011 Release CCTV 1/1.8" Megapixel Day&Night Lenses GMMPDN181050S, and GAMPDN181050BS4
11th Jul 2011 Release CCTV 1/2" Megapixel Day&Night Lenses GMMPDN23510S, GAMPDN23510BS4, GMMPDN29020S, and GAMPDN29020BS4
11th Jul 2011 Release CCTV manual iris lens 1/2" format GMDN29090C, and CCTV CCTV auto iris lens 1/2" format GADN29090BC4
01th Jul 2011 Release 2/3inch Format high resolution megapixel lenses;GMTHR38014MCN, GMXHR38014MCN, GMTHR31214NCN, GMXHR31218MCN, GMTHR31614MCN, GMXHR31614MCN, GMXHR32514MCN, and GMXHR33514MCN
16th Mar 2011 Release 1/3" Megapixel Day&Night Lens; GM3MPDN12880S, and GA3MPDN12880BS4
18th Jan 2011 Release Line sensor Lenses; GLS2828F-N, GLS3528F-N, and GLS5028F-N
18th Jan 2011 Release 4/3(Ø23mm) Megapixel Lenses;GMHR61220MCN(PDF), GMHR61620MCN(PDF), GMHR62520MCN(PDF), GMHR63520MCN(PDF),and GMHR65020MCN(PDF)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
DATE Country Event name
15-17.Apr 2014 U.S.A. Vision Show Boston
17-19.Jun 2014 U.K. Ifsec London
04-06.Nov 2014 Germany Vision Show Stuttgart

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