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CCTV Lenses


Zoom Lenses


IR(Day & Night) Type Motorized Zoom Lenses

IR(Day & Night) Type Motorized Zoom Lenses Specifications
Item No. Focal Length Iris Range Angle of View
(H x V)
MOD Dimention
Weight Mount Notes
GAZDN85850 8.5-85mm F1.5-360 41.5°x31.3°
1.5m 76x66x135 850g C 1/2" Format
GAZDN86154 8.6-154mm F2.5-360 40.7°x30.9°
- 3.4°x1.8°
2.0m 76x66x155 850g C 1/2" Format
GAZDN80160 8-160mm F1.6-1000 42.7°x32.7°
1.5m 96x85x155 1400g C 1/2" Format
GAZDN10300 10-300mm F2.8-360 35.5°x27.0°
3.0m 105x92x225 2000g C 1/2" Format
GAZDN10400 10-400mm F4.5-360 35.5°x27°
4m 65x75.3x157.7 800g C 1/2" Format
GAZDN15500 15-500mm F3.0-360 23.42°x17.74°
3.0m 98x106x246 - C 1/2" Format
GAZDN125750 12.5-750mm
6m 114x101x294 3200g C 1/2" Format

1/3"Motorized Zoom Lenses

1/3"Motorized Zoom Lenses Specifictions
Item No. Focal Length Iris Range Angle of View
(H x V)
MOD Dimention
Weight Mount Notes
GAZ6539010 6.5-39mm F1.0-1200 40.5°x31.0°
1.0m 60x70x100 500g CS High Speed
GAZ60480 6-48mm F1.4-360 44.2°x33.5°
- 5.8°x4.4°
1.0m 60x80x104 450g CS Ratio8:1
GAZ6060010 6-60mm F1.0-1200 43.6°x33.4°
1.2m 80x70x131 700g CS High Speed
GAZ60600 6-60mm F1.4-360 43.6°x33.8°
- 4.6°x3.5°
1.5m 65x76x103 500g CS Ratio10:1
GAZ60900 6-90mm F1.6-360 44.2°x33.5°
- 3.1°x2.4°
1.2m 70x80x117 550g CS Ratio15:1
GAZ56112 5.6-112mm F1.6-360 47.6°x35.7°
- 2.55°x1.92°
1.5m 70x80x120 570g CS Ratio20:1
GAZ55165 5.5-165mm F1.8-360 47.6°x33.9°
- 1.7°x1.3°
1.8m 80x87x167 880g CS Ratio30:1

1/2"Motorized Zoom Lenses

1/2"Motorized Zoom Lenses Specifications
Item No. Focal Length Iris Range Angle of View
(H x V)
MOD Dimention
Weight Mount Notes
GAZ8048010 8-48mm F1.0-1200 43.6°x33.4°
1.0m 70x60x100 500g C High Speed
GAZ85510 8.5-51mm F1.2-360 40.8°x31.2°
- 7.1°x5.4°
1.0m 60x80x100 400g C Ratio6:1
GAZ8080012 8-80mm F1.2-360 43.6°x33.4°
1.2m 80x70x130 700g C -
GAZ8080018 8-80mm F1.8-360 43.4°x33.4°
- 4.6°x3.4°
1.5m 66x76x106 500g C Ratio10:1
GAZ65104 6.5-104mm F1.4-360 52.4°x40.5°
1.5m 121x100x160 1500g C -
GAZ751125 7.5-112.5mm F1.6-360 46.5°x35.3°
- 3.1°x2.2°
1.5m 66x75.5x127 800g C Ratio15:1
GAZ75127 7.5-127mm F1.6-360 45.6°x34.7°x55.8°
- 2.9°x2.2°x3.6°
1.5m 80x80x132 600g C Ratio16:9:1
GAZ11200 11-200mm F1.9-360 32.1°x24.3°
- 1.9°x1.4°
1.5m 80x87x171 880g C High Speed, Ratio18:1
GAZ10200 10-200mm F2.4-360 34.5°x26.3°
1.8m 66x75.5x154.5 900g C Ratio20:1
GAZ10220 10-220mm F2.2-360 34.1°x25.9°
1.8m 80x105x160 800g C -
GAZ10250DC 10-250mm F1.5-360 35.3°x26.7°
- 1.5°x1.2°
2.0m 122x122x205 2300g C High Speed, Ratio25:1
GAZ1025018 10-250mm F1.8-1000 37.3°x27.7°
- 1.5°x1.1°
2.5m 110x100x200 1500g C Ratio25:1
GAZ13280 13-280mm F2.8-360 (Horizontal,1/2")
1.37° - 26.76°
1.8m 80x101x169 1150g C Filter Thread; M=67,P=0.75
GAZ15300 15-300mm F3.6-360 23.6°x17.9°
- 1.2°x0.9°
2.5m 66x76x155 880g C Ratio20:1
GAZ1530025DC 15-300mm F2.5-360 24.2°x18.2°
- 1.3°x1.0°
1.0m 80x87x190 1100g C High Speed, Ratio20:1
GAZ10310 10-310mm F1.5-1000 26.7°x35.3°
- 0.90°x1.27°
2.8m 100x112x238.5 1850g C High Speed
GAZ10330 10-330mm F1.5-560 34.9°x26.4°
2.9m 125x125x265 3300g C High Speed
GAZ10350 10-350mm F1.5-1000 35.3°x26.7°
2.5m 100x112x240 2000g C High Speed
GAZ15375 15-375mm F2.3-360 23.2°x17.6°
- 0.99°x0.75°
2.5m 122x122x261 2600g C High Speed, Ratio25:1
GAZ15500 15-500mm F4-360 (Horizontal,1/2")
0.747° - 23.185°
2.9m 122x125x267 2900g C Filter Thread; M=105,P=1
GAZ10550 10-550mm F3.8-360 (Horizontal,1/2")
0.69° - 34.57°
5m 132x121x299 4070g C Filter Thread; M=95,P=1
GAZ20700 20-700mm F3.0-1000 - 3.0m 100x112x249.5 2000g C -
GAZ30750 30-750mm F4.6-720 11.8°x8.8°
- 0.50°x0.37°
2.5m 122x122x315 2750g C Ratio25:1
GAZ15825 15-825mm F5.7-360 (Horizontal,1/2")
0.46° - 23.48°
5m 132x121x321 4070g C Filter Thread; M=95,P=1
GAZ10550-2X 10(20)-1100mm F3.8(7.6)-360(720) (Horizontal,1/2")
0.34° - 34.57°
5m 132x121x299 4070g C Filter Thread; M=95,P=1

Other Motorized Zoom Lenses

Other Motorized Zoom Lenses Specifications
Item No. Focal Length Iris Range Angle of View
(H x V)
MOD Dimention
Weight Mount Notes
GAZ11569 11.5-69mm F1.4-1200 41.9°x32.0°
- 7.3°x5.5°
1.0m 70x60x105 500g C 2/3"
GAZ10100 10-100mm F1.4-1200 47.5°x36.5°
- 5.0°x3.8°
1.2m 80x70x125 700g C 2/3"
GAZ95152 9.5-152mm F1.8-360 49.7x38.3-3.3x2.5 1.0m
120x100x175 1500g C 2/3"
GAZ16160 16-160mm F2.2-360 43.6°x33.4°
- 4.6°x3.4°
1.1m 117x100x176 1400g C 1"

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