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Industrial Lenses

High resolution Megapixel fixed focal Lenses

1inch for High Resolution Lenses

1/2inch Format

2/3inch Format

1inch Format

This page intoroduce 1-5megapixel fixed focal lenses. In case you search varifocal megapixel lens, please check High Resolution Megapixel Varifocal lenses page.

1/2inch format high resolution megapixel Lenses

High Resolution Megapixel Lenses 1/2inch format Specifications
Item No. Focal
Iris Range Angle of View
MOD Filter Thread Dimention
(D x L)
Weight Note
GMTHR23514MCN 3.5mm F1.4-16 1/2" 103°34'x76°54'x131°4' 0.2m - Ø31x31.75mm 100g -
GMTHR24514MCN 4.5mm F1.4-16 1/2" 78°96'x59°41'x98°23' 0.2m - Ø31x29.5mm 100g -
GMHR26012MCN 6.0mm F1.2-16.0 1/2" 56°2'x43°5'x67°0' 0.1m M30.5,P=0.5 Ø34x46mm 110g -
GMHR26014MCN 6.0mm F1.4-16.0 1/2" 57°4'x44°3'x72°9' 0.2m M30.5,P=0.5 Ø32x37.5mm 70g -
GMTHR21614MCN 16mm F1.4-16 Ø8.8; 24°x18°x29°7' 0.3m M25.5,P=0.5 Ø29x31.5mm 50g -

2/3inch Format high resolution megapixel lenses

High Resolution Megapixel Lenses 2/3inch format Specifications
Itemo. Focal
Iris Range Angle of View
MOD Filter Thread Dimention
(D x L)
Weight Note
GMTHR36014MCN 6mm F1.4-16 2/3" 82°'x61°3'x103°02' 0.1m - Ø30x32.8mm 100g -
GMHR38014MCN 8.0mm F1.4-Close 1/2" 42°6'x32°5'x52°1'
2/3" 56°5'x43°9'x67°0'
0.1m M27,P=0.5 Ø34x41mm 83g -
GMTHR38014MCN 8.25mm F1.44-16 57°32'x44°29'x68°66' 0.1m M27.0,P=0.5 Ø30x47.5mm 85g 2mega
GMXHR38014MCN 8mm F1.4-22 56°7'x43°8'x68°2' 0.1m M35.5,P=0.5 37.5x28mm 80g 3mega
GMHR31214MCN 12.0mm F1.4-Close 1/2" 28°3'x21°1'x35°0'
2/3" 38°3'x26°2'x46°8'
0.15m M27.0,P=0.5 Ø34x37mm 75g -
GMTHR31214NCN 12.3mm F1.45-16 39°59'x30°17'x48°38' 0.1m M27.0,P=0.5 Ø30x47.5mm 90g 2mega
GMXHR31218MCN-1 12mm F1.8-22 40°3'x30°8'x49°3' 0.15m M35.5,P=0.5 37.5x56.5mm 170g 3mega
GMHR31614MCN 16.0mm F1.4-Close 1/2" 21°8'x16°4'x27°0'
2/3" 30°0'x22°7'x37°0'
0.2m M25.5,P=0.5 Ø33x37.0mm 85g -
GMTHR31614MCN 16.2mm F1.45-16 30°46'x23°07'x37°55' 0.1m M27.0,P=0.5 30x42.5mm 80g 2mega
GMXHR31614MCN-1 16mm F1.4-22 30°75'x23°31x37°8' 0.2m M35.5,P=0.5 37.5x60.5mm 175g 3mega
GMHR32514MCN 25.0mm F1.4-Close 1/2" 14°0'x10°5'x17°5'
2/3" 19°6'x14°8'x24°3'
0.2m M27.0,P=0.5 Ø33x40.0mm 90g -
GMTHR32514MCN 25.0mm F1.4-16.0 1/2" 14°6'x11°0'x18°2'
2/3" 20°1'x15°1'x25°0'
0.25m M25.5,P=0.5 Ø29x32.0mm 50g 3mega
GMXHR32514MCN 25mm F1.4-22 2/3" 20°x15°x24°8' 0.2m M35.5,P=0.5 Ø37.5x44.5mm 110g 3mega
GMHR33520MCN 35.0mm F2.0-16.0 1/2" 10°5'x7°85'x13°1'
2/3" 14°4'x10°8'x17°9'
0.2m M27.0,P=0.5 Ø34x36mm 95g -
GMTHR33520MCN 35.0mm F2.0-22.0 1/2" 10°5'x7°9'x13°1'
2/3" 14°3'x10°5'x17°8'
0.25m M25.5,P=0.5 Ø29x39mm 60g 3mega
GMXHR33514MCN-1 35mm F1.4-22 14°3'x10°8'x17°8' 0.25m M35.5,P=0.5 37.5x56.5mm 145g 3mega
GMHR35028MCN 50.0mm F2.8-Close 1/2" 7°0'x5°2'x8°7'
2/3" 9°6'x7°2'x11°9'
0.2m M27.0,P=0.5 Ø34x55.0mm 95g -
GMTHR35028MCN 50.0mm F2.8-22 1/2" 7°3'x5°5'x9°0'
2/3" 10°0'x7°5'x12°4'
0.5m M25.5,P=0.75 Ø29x39.0mm 95g 3mega

1inch rormat High Resolution megapixel lenses

1inch Format High Resolution Megapixel Lenses Specifications
Item No. Focal
Iris Range Angle of View
MOD Filter Thread Dimention
(D x L)
Weight Note
GMTHR48014MCN 8mm F1.4-16 1" 79.66°x62.92°x92.4° 0.1m M55,P=0.75 Ø57x58.59mm 225g -
GMTHR412514MCN 12mm F1.4-16 1" 56.45°x42.51°x67.59° 0.1m M35.5,P=0.5 Ø43x52.94mm 200g -
GMHR41614MCN-1 16mm F1.4-16 1" 44°3'x33°6'x54°4' 0.3m M35.5,P=0.5 Ø43x55mm 140g -
GMHR42514MCN-1 25mm F1.4-16 1" 29°3'x22°0'x36°6' 0.3m M35.5,P=0.5 Ø43x50mm 125g -
GMHR43514MCN-1 35mm F1.4-16 1" 20°9'x15°8'x26°1' 0.3m M35.5,P=0.5 Ø43x50mm 130g -
GMTHR45014MCN 50mm F1.4-16 1" 14°5'x10°92'x18°03' 0.5m M40.5,P=0.5 Ø47.5x48mm 225g -
GMHR47518MCN-1 75mm F1.8-16 1" 9°7'x7°3'x12°0' 1.0m M46.0,P=0.75 Ø49x57mm 180g -

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